Tailored Kitchens

Do you need a kitchen of non-standard dimensions? Unsure how to arrange separate cabinets for a functional and convenient kitchen? Lots of information, but even more questions arise? Don't worry! The team at Baldų taškas can help you!

The manager at Baldų taškas will professionally design an individual kitchen solution according to your needs and available dimensions. They will also provide advice on arranging the furniture in the space to make cooking and moving around the kitchen convenient for you.

When ordering a kitchen at Baldų taškas store, you can:

  • Choose cabinet facades made of painted or laminated PVC foil.
  • Select a countertop from a palette that includes both single-color and wood, stone, and even marble imitations. You can also order a matching or the same backsplash as the countertop.
  • Choose cabinets with handles or without them (with routed openings).
  • Choose the desired hardware, from the most budget-friendly to the highest quality. Of course, those looking for quality can order BLUM brand systems.
  • Order a kitchen island.
  • Order furniture for built-in appliances.

In Kaunas, you can order measurement services. For the service in other cities, please email: vadyba@baldutaskas.lt

If you want to receive a personalized offer, please contact us using the following details or fill out the contact form, and our manager will get in touch with you: Email: vadyba@baldutaskas.lt Phone number: +370 676 44815